TESLA (TSLA) Stock Forecast Target Price 2023

Is it worth investing in Tesla shares today ( TSLA ), the famous company specializing in the production of electric cars? What are the forecasts for 2023 according to analysts? What is the target price and what are the dividends?

In this guide, we’ll try to answer all of these questions, starting with a brief overview of the company.

Read on to learn more!

In This Article We Talk About:

1 Tesla: What does the company do?
2 Tesla stock performance and price
3 Tesla Stock Forecast 2023: What to Expect? Dividends and target price
4 Is it worth investing in Tesla?
5 Where to buy Tesla shares?
Tesla: What does the company do?
Let’s first start with a brief overview of the company.

As you well know, Tesla is a US multinational that deals with the production of electric cars, but also with photovoltaic panels and energy storage systems.

Its name comes from the well-known inventor, Nikola Tesla.

The company aims to accelerate the world’s transition towards the use of renewable energy sources.

The company was founded in 2003 in San Carlos, California.

To give some numbers, on October 25, 2021 Tesla reached a share capitalization of 1 trillion dollars.

Today, its market capitalization stands at $696.93 billion.


TARGET PRICE TESLA STOCK: 350 $ high, 70 $ low

TESLA (TSLA) Stock Forecast Target Price


Who is Tesla

Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company founded in 2003. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Tesla’s CEO is Elon Musk, who has played a significant role in the company’s growth and popularity.

Tesla is best known for producing electric vehicles (EVs) and has played a crucial role in popularizing EVs globally. The company initially gained widespread attention with its Tesla Roadster, which was the first highway-legal electric vehicle to use lithium-ion battery cells. Since then, Tesla has expanded its range of products to include more affordable options such as the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. In addition to vehicles, Tesla also develops and sells clean energy products including solar panels, solar roofs, and energy storage solutions such as the Powerwall, Powerpack, and Megapack.

Tesla has been a prominent force in the transition towards sustainable energy and has significantly influenced the automotive industry, pushing other manufacturers to accelerate their own electric vehicle programs. The company has also been a pioneer in autonomous driving technology with its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) features, though these have also been subjects of controversy and scrutiny.

Please note that developments and news regarding Tesla could have occurred since my last knowledge update, and I would recommend checking the latest sources for the most current information.

Steps of Tesla


Tesla, Inc. was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs including Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The company’s name is a tribute to the inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

Here’s a brief timeline of Tesla’s history up to September 2021 (please note that there may have been further developments since that time):

  1. 2004: Elon Musk, who initially joined as chairman of the board and led early investment rounds, becomes actively involved with the company.
  2. 2008: Tesla releases its first vehicle, the Tesla Roadster. The Roadster was significant because it was the first highway-legal electric vehicle to use lithium-ion battery cells and was capable of long range and high performance. In the same year, Elon Musk takes over as CEO during the financial crisis.
  3. 2012: Tesla launches the Model S, a luxury electric sedan, which was well-received by the automotive press and consumers alike.
  4. 2014: The company announces its plans for a “Gigafactory” in Nevada, United States, aimed at mass-producing lithium-ion batteries and reducing costs.
  5. 2015: Tesla introduces the Model X, an all-electric SUV.
  6. 2016: Tesla acquires SolarCity, a solar energy services company, expanding its focus from electric vehicles to renewable energy products. It also unveils the Tesla Solar Roof.
  7. 2017: Tesla begins production of the Model 3, a more affordable electric car compared to its earlier models. The Model 3 eventually becomes Tesla’s best-selling model.
  8. 2019: Tesla unveils the Model Y, a compact SUV, and begins deliveries in 2020. In the same year, the company also announces the development of the Tesla Cybertruck, an all-electric pickup truck.
  9. 2020: Tesla’s stock experiences a meteoric rise and the company is included in the S&P 500 index. The company also expands aggressively internationally, opening production facilities known as Gigafactories in China and Europe.
  10. 2023: Tesla continues its global expansion and production of electric vehicles.

As Tesla’s history is still unfolding, I recommend checking for the most recent information on the company for developments beyond September 2021.

Tesla stocks  loved by young people

Tesla stocks are popular among young investors for several reasons:

  1. Belief in the Mission: Many young people are attracted to Tesla’s mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. This resonates with a generation that is increasingly concerned about environmental issues, including climate change.
  2. Elon Musk: As the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has a huge following, especially among younger generations. His ambitious visions for the future, outspoken nature, and active social media presence make him an influential figure that many young people admire or are at least intrigued by.
  3. Innovative Technology: Tesla is seen as a cutting-edge technology company, not just an automaker. Their advances in electric vehicles, energy storage, and solar technology are seen as disruptive to traditional industries. Young people often have a penchant for innovative and disruptive companies.
  4. High-risk, High-reward: Tesla stock has been known for its volatility, but it has also seen significant gains over certain periods. This high-risk, high-reward scenario can be appealing to younger investors who might be willing to take on more risks for potentially higher returns.
  5. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Seeing peers or prominent figures on social media gaining substantial returns from Tesla stock can cause a Fear of Missing Out, leading more young investors to jump in hoping for similar gains.
  6. Ease of Access: Modern investment apps and platforms have made it much easier for individuals, including young people, to invest in stocks. Fractional shares also allow people to invest in Tesla without needing the full amount for one share.
  7. Long-term Potential: Some young investors believe in the long-term growth potential of electric vehicles and renewable energy markets and see Tesla as a leader in these industries.

It’s important to note that investing in stocks, especially in companies as volatile as Tesla, involves risks. While Tesla has been a favorite among many young investors, it’s always essential for investors to conduct thorough research and consider their risk tolerance before making investment decisions.

Tesla stocks, Robinhood and Reddit

Tesla stocks, along with other high-profile stocks, have been a popular topic of discussion on social media platforms, including Reddit. Robinhood, a commission-free trading app, has also been instrumental in facilitating investments by retail investors, including younger individuals who may be new to stock trading.

  1. Tesla and Reddit: On Reddit, there are communities (subreddits) like r/wallstreetbets, where users discuss stock trading. Tesla has often been a hot topic within such communities. Discussions range from people showing off gains made from investing in Tesla, to debates about the company’s value and future prospects. The nature of these forums is often speculative, and the discussions can sometimes lead to impulsive trading behavior among participants.
  2. Tesla and Robinhood: Robinhood is a stock trading app that is particularly popular among younger investors due to its commission-free trading, ease of use, and sleek interface. Robinhood has made it easier for a new generation of investors to get involved in stock trading. Many young investors using Robinhood have shown a preference for Tesla stocks, among others, partly for the reasons mentioned in the previous response (belief in mission, Elon Musk, innovative technology, etc.). Robinhood’s ease of access has led to an increase in retail investors engaging in the stock market.
  3. Combination Effects: When discussions from platforms like Reddit are combined with easy access to trading through Robinhood, there can sometimes be sharp movements in stock prices. This has been especially evident in the cases of certain stocks that have become “meme stocks“. While Tesla has experienced some of this effect, it has also been a popular stock for reasons beyond just social media hype.

It’s important to note that investing based on social media trends can be extremely risky, as these trends can be volatile and not necessarily based on sound financial analysis. It’s important for investors to do their research and consider their risk tolerance and investment horizon.


Tesla’s stocks have been known for their volatility. Volatility in the context of stocks refers to the degree of variation in a stock’s price over time. A stock with high volatility has a price that can change drastically in a short period. Tesla’s stock price has experienced significant ups and downs for several reasons:

  1. Media Sensitivity: Tesla, and particularly its CEO Elon Musk, are closely followed by the media. Comments or tweets by Elon Musk or news related to Tesla can have immediate effects on the stock price. Sometimes even seemingly trivial news can cause large swings.
  2. Speculative Nature: Many investors in Tesla are speculating on the future of electric vehicles and Elon Musk’s vision. This speculation can cause overreactions to news (both good and bad), causing rapid price movements.
  3. Financial Performance and Expectations: Tesla has had periods of inconsistent financial performance. Whenever Tesla announces earnings or production numbers that deviate from what analysts expect, the stock can experience significant movements.
  4. Short Selling: Tesla has been one of the most shorted stocks in the market. Short sellers bet on the stock price going down. When Tesla’s stock price rises unexpectedly, short sellers may have to cover their positions, causing a “short squeeze” that can drive the price up even more.
  5. Market Sentiment and Momentum: Often the stock price is influenced by general market sentiment and momentum rather than the underlying fundamentals of the company. If investors are generally optimistic, this can cause the stock to rise rapidly, and the reverse can happen if sentiment turns negative.
  6. Inclusion in Indices: Tesla’s inclusion in the S&P 500 in December 2020, for example, resulted in a large amount of buying and selling of its shares as funds tracking the index adjusted their holdings. This kind of event can create volatility around the time of the announcement and actual inclusion.
  7. Regulatory News: Any regulatory changes or news regarding electric vehicles or autonomous driving can impact Tesla’s stock since it’s seen as a leader in these areas.

It’s important for investors to be aware of this volatility if they choose to invest in Tesla. The stock’s movements can be unpredictable, and it’s important to consider the risks and conduct thorough research or consult a financial advisor.


Electric cars market in Usa and around the world

The electric car market has been growing both in the United States and globally. However, please note that my information might be outdated and it’s always good to check the latest sources for the most current data.

United States:

In the United States, the electric vehicle (EV) market has been expanding, although electric cars still represented a relatively small percentage of total car sales as of 2021. Various factors have been contributing to the growth:

  1. Increased Model Availability: More automakers have been introducing electric models, including SUVs and trucks, which are popular in the American market.
  2. Improving Infrastructure: The expansion of charging infrastructure has been gradually reducing range anxiety among consumers.
  3. Government Incentives: Federal tax credits, as well as state-level incentives in some cases, have been encouraging more consumers to consider EVs.
  4. Awareness and Changing Attitudes: Growing awareness about environmental issues and a general shift in consumer attitudes toward sustainable products have been driving interest in electric cars.

Global Market:

Globally, the electric vehicle market has been experiencing rapid growth, particularly in Europe and China:

  1. Europe: European countries have been aggressively adopting electric vehicles. Government incentives, stringent emissions regulations, and a commitment to phasing out internal combustion engines have been significant drivers for EV adoption in Europe.
  2. China: China is the largest market for electric vehicles in the world. The Chinese government has been actively promoting the adoption of EVs through incentives, regulations, and the development of charging infrastructure. Chinese companies like BYD, NIO, and XPeng are also notable players in the electric vehicle market.
  3. Other Regions: In other parts of the world, EV adoption has been slower but is gaining momentum. For example, countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America have been showing increased interest in electric vehicles.

Future Trends:

As battery technologies improve and costs come down, and as governments around the world continue to push for greener transportation options to combat climate change, the electric vehicle market is expected to continue its growth trajectory.

However, challenges such as the development of charging infrastructure, reduction in battery costs, and consumer acceptance still need to be addressed for electric vehicles to fully replace internal combustion engines.

Please refer to the latest market reports and data for the most current information on the electric vehicle market.

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